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  • The return of the Qur'aan

    The ‘Return’ of the Qur’aan by Abû Ammâr Yasir al-Qadhî Print Version | << Back The statement of’Amr ibn Deenar (d. 126 A.H.) was quoted earlier in which he said, “I have met the Companions of the Prophet (saws) and those that came after them …

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  • Du'a and Its Relationship with Destiny

    Du’a and Its Relationship with Destiny* by Yasir Qadhi The topic of du’a and its relationship with destiny (qadr) is a very important one, and one around which much confusion exists. Many people ask, “If everything has already been destined to occur, then of what …

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  • Angels: Messengers with Wings

    Angels: Messengers with Wings by Muhammad Alshareef In the name of Allah. All praise is due to Allah and may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His beloved Messenger, his family and companions, and those that follow them in righteousness till the final …

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  • The struggle for one god

    The Struggle For One God by Muhammad Alshareef At the time of Prophet Muhammad sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam there was a powerful and influential tribal leader by the name of Musaylimah. For those who know his history, I challenge you to tell me who …

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  • Kitaab at Tawheed

    Sheikh-ul-Islam, Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab, was a renowned religious scholar and a great reformer of his times. He held a unique and unparalleled position as an exponent of Qur’an, Hadith and different branches of knowledge. With his intellect and a deep grasp over the religious learning, …

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  • What is Islam?

    What is Islam? Second largest religion in the world 1.2 Billion Muslims (20% of earth population) Began in modern day Saudi Arabia Based on beliefs on Jews & Christians Abraham is first important figure Belief in the same, single God Follows the teachings of the …

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