Debit Order Drive

The Maraisburg Muslim Jamaat(MMJ) is responsible for maintaining the Maraisburg Jumua Masjid as well as the Maraisburg Madrassah which provides islamic education to approx 150 children. 

We are primarily dependent on minimal monthly subscriptions from participating parents/guardians and as you are well aware dependent on donations for the upkeep of the Masjid. In order to continue to maintain the masjid the MMJ has launched a Debit Order Drive to secure a steady source of income to cover the monthly running expenses.

We are urging all musallees and community members to sign up for the debit order drive. Any amount that you are prepared to donate will assist with the upkeep of the House of Allah.

May Allah reward u abundantly.

Please follow the link below to complete the electronic form.

Debit Order Signup Page →

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