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Common Courtesies on our Roads

Common Courtesies on our Roads
Have you ever been in a situation where you are stuck on the road and the time slot is so short for you to make a turn or go through at a traffic light?

What about a situation in which at a crossroads, the other side, right ahead of you, is full due to a jam and you knowingly realise that you will end up on the middle of the road, blocking traffic on your left and right hand side as their green-light is coming to give them right of passage?

When the car in front you just beats the amber, do you simply accelerate and also squeeze yourself through even when at the actual time of your ‘making it’ the light is already red?

These are common scenarios and experiences for every driver on our roads which can make a difference in the way we travel and in what state we get to our destinations.

As the year is now in full swing, the peak periods can be frustrating. One of the major contributors to this frustration is our own sense of courtesy towards other road users.

A zero-sum game ensues when a deadlock arises and all road users come to a standstill. It is possible for one to forego his/her ‘right of way’ for the sake of a greater good when more vehicles will be allowed to move, taking us to our various destinations.

Courtesy, however, needs to be reciprocal and it does run both ways. If you have been a recipient of a good gesture, you should feel obliged to return such a small favour. Before long, it will be habit for you too. A good one!

These are everyday matters which we quickly forget the moment we acquire that driving licence. It is pointless to honk, rudely gesture or even swear at another road user who has made a mistake. It does not only ruin one’s day but also eats into our own spiritual wellness.

Other than the emergency services on duty, there are no super users on our roads. Observance of road regulations is for our own safety and others.

With so many road users, it is hardly possible to make up for time when we have started off late in the first place. So, in all fairness, factor in time and be considerate of others on the road.

The manner we drive, park, signal intentions and communicate with all other road users should befit a character of a Muslim who is courteous, helpful and forgiving but also quick in seeking amends when in the wrong.

A considerable amount of our lives is spent in the time we are on the roads as we travel to and fro. Are we going to allow this part of our lives to go to waste in rash, angry and menacing attitude?

The Almighty does not ignore a good act of charity of removing a small obstacle on a public path. Conversely, He certainly will not ignore an act of the one who carelessly becomes a hindrance, an impediment or an agent of inconvenience on a public road.

It is part of our Islam to be courteous.

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