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How many Faraaidh ( Plural of Fardh) are there in Ghusl, and what are they?




According to Imaam Shaafi, there are only 2 faraaidh in ghusl:

1. Niyyah (Intention)

2. To wash the whole bodyTo ensure that every hair on the body is wet. This will complete fardh ghusl.

  1. Adiel DoveAdiel Dove03-28-2011

    As Salaamu Alaikum WaRahmatullah
    Jazakallaahu Khaira

    Any Sunnat? Right side 1st?
    Was Salaamu Alaikum WaRahmatullah

  2. anonanon03-31-2011


    1. If a person were to take a shower and make the niyah for ghusl, would it be sufficient. In other words, is a shower sufficient as ghusl?

    2. if it is, and once the shower is done, does the person then have wudhu? Can they make salaah, touch the mushaf etc? or do they need to make wudhu in the shower as well?

    • aneesanees03-31-2011

      The answer to your question is as follows:
      1. According to Imaam Shafi (RA) the 2 Faraaidh of ghusl are niyyah and to ensure that the whole body gets washed, so by taking a shower if your whole boby including the roots of the hair gets washed,and niyyah is made then ghusl is complete.

      2. Like we have mentioned with regards to ghusl,niyyah is also compulsory for wudhu. In addition Imaam Shafi(RA) also stipulates tarteeb(sequence), so if the shower did not include a seperate niyyah for wudhu aswell as the tarteeb, then wudhu is not made.

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