Maraisburg Muslim Jamaat was established in October 1992. We started with eleven families in the suburb of Maraisburg, Roodepoort.

Maraisburg is situated thirteen kilometers west of Johannesburg South Africa.

Muslim families started moving into this “whites only” area in 1992 after the abolishment of group areas act. With the qudrat of the almighty ALLAH (s.w.t), today there is in access of eight hundred Muslim families living in the area.

The pioneer brothers started a praying facility in a zink shack situated in the back quarters of a brothers yard until the jamaat purchased a house in 1993. The jamaat then started re-developing the house and transformed it into a musallah and madrasah facility. This facility was eventually declared a masjid on the 6th of December 1998.

At this point there were 30 students and, Alhamdulillah, today we have as student compliment of 130. Classes range from class one to class eight .