Weekly Jamiat JHB Message

Update on Muslim Marriages Bill
(For Immediate Release)

The Muslim Marriages Bill has been released once again for public comment. The Bill has been modified by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development. Some of the changes and provisions of the Bill are in conflict with Islamic Law.

The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa, together with members of the legal fraternity is in the process of formulating a detailed submission to the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development with a view to correct provisions of the Bill that are un-Islamic.

We do not believe that adopting a stance of total rejection of the Bill at this stage is the best course of action, nor is it in the interest of the Muslim community of South Africa. We will instead continue to engage with the relevant authorities to effect the necessary changes.

We believe that appropriate Shariah – compliant legislation on Muslim marriages and their consequences will be beneficial for the overall preservation and protection of Muslim Personal Law within our secular constitutional democracy.

However, if we are unsuccessful in our endeavours we will accordingly inform the Muslim public. Our commitment to the general welfare of the Muslims in South Africa obliges us to choose the more difficult path of engagement.

Any interested party may make submissions to the Department of Justice and Constitutional development before the 15 March 2011.

Should you require any help in making a submission kindly contact our Offices.

Your submissions should be directed to:

Mr T N Matibe
Private Bag X81
Pretoria 0001
Fax: 086 648 7766
Email: TMatibe@justice.gov.za)
Kindly cc a copy of your submissions to: jamiat@islamsa.org.za

(Orinally Issued on: 7 February 2011)

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