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    Shaykh Taha Karaan Ulama Programme

    Shaykh Taha Karaan discussed the evolution of the Shafi’i school throughout the centuries. Particular attention was drawn to the Mashoor and Mufta bihi kutub of the school as well as their authors and rank. The Shaykh also discussed Fiqh al-Usool and Research methodology in the Mathab.

    The programme concluded with the Shaykh presenting the core curriculum of the Dar al-Uloom al-Arabiyyah al-Islamiyyah in Strand and its basis as a model for producing Ulama that are well schooled in the Shafi’i mathab.

    Finally time was allocated for Questions and Answers from the Audience. The programme was aimed at Ulama.

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    The legacy of the Shafi’i School in South Africa – Shaykh Taha Karaan

    Shaykh Taha Karaan gave a lecture at Bosmont Masjid, Johannesburg on 26 March 2011. Topics covered included:

    * Tradition in Islam
    * Fiqh and its evolution through time
    * The great scholarly lineage of the Shafi’is
    * Difference of opinion “what does it mean? What are its limits?”

    Download and listen to the lecture:

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