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  • Minaret

    Tips for visiting Saudi Arabia

    I have compiled a list of tips (Dos/Don’ts) to ensure the time spent in the blessed lands is time well spent.


    * One of the most important of all advices: Safeguard your eyesight. When travelling and especially in Makkah when men and women tend to mix more.
    * Protect your women; each woman travelling will have a maHram whose responsibility it is to ensure that no harm comes her way. The worst men are the dayyooth (those who lack ghayrah, i.e. do not care if (non-maHram) men approach their wives, mothers, sisters or daughters) and the worst women are those that flirt…

    …and many more tips…

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  • Minaret

    Weekly Jamiat JHB comment – Emerging fault lines in the Middle East

    Troops have entered Bahrain coming from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states. They have entered the country to protect the regime which has weathered waves of protests in the past two months.

    The GCC is made of six nations on Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Qatar and Bahrain itself. They claim to come together among other things for mutual defence.

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