Signs of recruitment from ISIS

Islam in South Africa has always been a strong, united and peaceful religion. Muslims in South Africa have always been active in relief work through different organizations some of which are recognized globally. During the past few years, Islam in South Africa has come under attack from the Shia operatives from Iran who are desperately trying to convert the Muslims to their ideologies and recently from a certain group who are trying to lure them to their group by glorifying and sensationalizing the act of Jihad. This group has been using the medium of social media and graphic videos in which they show the extent of their operations and alleged signs of acceptance of their cause to the Muslims in South Africa. Their false promises of being part of reviving the khilaafah and creating an Islamic state.
The route they have adopted was firstly to alienate and create a drift between the masses and religious scholars of South Africa. The religious scholars of South Africa have come under immense pressure from the false ideologies being presented to the masses.
This group has refuted the Islam being practiced in South Africa which is predominantly the Islam practiced throughout the Asian countries which this group term as Indian Islam.
Their operatives and agents recruiting in South Africa and recruiters on the social media sites lure the victims by promises of a peaceful and free life in the Islamic state and practicing the true religion of Islam in the Promised Land. They term the current war as a build up to the Malhamah which is supposed to be the last war in Islam.
Recently an article which was published by a radio station is a letter sent from a South African who has moved to the Islamic State (Dowla). His claims of the Indian Islam and his version of true Islam is clearly a proof of the views held by the Islamic state towards the Muslims of other countries.
The view of the religious scholars of South Africa is that they are a deviated group who only seek attention and power. They have misrepresented Islam and their only goal in life is to fight against anyone that opposes them.
All they tweet and report about on the social media platforms is about the people they have killed.
Since the emergence of this group’s drive of recruiting, there seem to be a lot of South African Muslims who support them by refuting our religious scholar’s views. They have been brainwashed by misquoted proofs from the Quran and Ahaadeeth.
There are a number of Muslims from South Africa who have joined this group and migrated to Syria. Very often in the process they have torn family’s apart and created pain and sorrow to their loved ones. What could change a person to that extent that they leave all their family behind without a word and move away forever?
These are a few signs of a possible migration to Syria and steps to try to prevent it.
1. If any relative announces a migration to any middle eastern country, then find out of the job offer they have received and verify it by contacting the company involved. Always check the passports and visas applied for and hotel accommodation. The greatest tool of deception they use is lying and it may even be for a couple of years while they prepare. Any travel done on behalf of a company should also be verified and passports checked after they have returned. Always remember that they will lie and make an excuse for anything suspicious. They always aware of any suspicions on them and normally have a group in which they seek advise on their situations.
2. Abnormal meetings and outings whether it be for a holiday, fishing, camping and hunting.
3. Taking shooting lessons or archery.
4. Always staying at home or visiting friends.
5. Selling of everything before migrating.
6. Any travel to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Turkey or Jordan
7. Downloading of jihad videos but in most cases they get it from the recruiters.
8. Changing of any names in their id’s or passports.
9. Suddenly resigning from a good job.
10. Ladies cutting their hair and men shaving their beards.
11. Shopping for outdoor gear.
12. Cashing in their retirement funds.
13. Withdrawing large sums of money.
14. Doing things that will cause them difficulty.
15. Being supportive and full of praise for that group.
16. Expressing their desire for jihad.
17. Being apprehensive when you question them about joining that group.
18. Sometimes women might be forced with joining their husbands and in that circumstance taking anti depressants.
19. Spending too much time on their phones.
20. Downloading messaging apps like kik, tumbler, wickr and telegram.
21. Always sayings things like we will meet in jannah when departing to go anywhere.

Remember to be vigilant at all times and check things which are out of the ordinary or change of behavior.
The greatest grief that a family goes through is despite the intense bond of love you share with your child they could lie to you for months about their lives, even though you communicate every day of your life. Leaving all your family behind without saying a word to join a group whom you have known for a couple of months compared to the people you have spent your whole life with.
All this can only happen if they are brainwashed with the notion that their Islam is pure without innovation and Syria is the blessed land. Their jihad is true and their victories are a proof to that. They are the ones that stood up to the oppression of the muslims and instrumental in setting up the Islamic state and re establishing the khillafah. All this is proven by misquoted verses from the quran and sayings of the prophet which they use to prove their point. We as the South African Muslim community do not think of verifying these proofs as they have already planted the seeds of hatred to our religious scholars.
No sane person would ever dare to join them if they verified everything they hear and say from this misguided and deviated group.
So be aware and vigilant at all times with issues regarding your faith.

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