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Hajj/Umrah – Bringing in Kajoor

As Salaamu Alykum

Brothers and sisters are requested to note the information below:

All those that intend goin for umrah or hajj inshallah will have to apply for a permit to bring kajoor(dates)into the country.King Shaka Int (and even O.R Tambo-according to those who recently returned from umrah) now confiscates all kajoor brought in without a permit.The permit is available at a small fee from: Dept Agriculture,Forrestry n Fisheries on 012 3196102..Info provided by Darul Ihsan

Download the files here:

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Email correspondence

Good morning Sir,

Permit in this regard is issued with consideration to product intended to be imported either for personal use or not.  If the supplier’s details are not known the applicant in this regard must write various suppliers or currently not known.

Further Email correspondence:

Good Day Sir

With Regard to our earlier conversation, Does this permit include the bringing into the country of Agricultural products for personal consumption when visiting and returning back to South Africa.

If it does, then with regard to the application form one cannot know the name of the supplier and address beforehand as most likely is will be from a foreign vendor or market.

Would this be a problem?


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