What is Islam?

What is Islam?

Second largest religion in the world

1.2 Billion Muslims (20% of earth population)

Began in modern day Saudi Arabia

Based on beliefs on Jews & Christians

Abraham is first important figure

Belief in the same, single God

Follows the teachings of the prophet Muhammad

What is the Qur’an?

Holy Book of Islam

Revealed to Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel

Contains the words of Allah.

Ideally, it should be read and printed in Arabic only.

Contains parts of the Torah and Bible

Who is Muhammad?

A prophet of God, but not a god himself

He is not worshipped

Born in Saudi Arabia, in city of Mecca

A trader until age 40, when Qur’an revealed to him.

His teachings are the foundation of Islam.

Claimed to travel with Angles to Jerusalem one night

Given tour of Heaven and Hell

He and his followers make polytheists in Mecca angry, move to Medina. (hijra)

After a decade, he invades Mecca.

Later, he leads some battles himself to “defend the faith.”

Dies in Medina at age 63

3 male sons {died in infancy}

4 daughters

Basic Islamic Beliefs

One unique god, without a partner or son.

Belief in God’s revealed books:

– Torah, Bible, Qur’an

Belief in all Gods prophets:

– Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad

A final day of judgment.

Belief in the angels of God.

Life after death.

Fate good or bad is from god

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