Ramadhaan2013 – Lecture on Zakaah and Latest tafseer


The ramadhaan 2103 program is as follows:

Daily Program:

  • Hadeeth will be read daily after Fajr Salaat.
  • Tafseer will take place after taraweeh,  a portion of what was recited in the taraweeh will be explained.

Sunday Program:

  • 1st Sunday Moulana Yahya Essack
  • 2nd Sunday-to be confirmed- Topic is on Zakaah
  • 3rd Sunday Ml Shafiq Hajee


Please note the upcoming lecture on sunday in relation to zakaah. Please can you forward your zakaah related questions , reply to this email or We will consolidate all questions and Inshallah they will be answered on Sunday. The recording will be posted online for those of us that cannot make it to the Masjid.  Listed below are questions that we have already collated.

1.      To whom can Zakaat be paid?

2.      Can a male pay Zakaat to his sister/parents/brother?

3.      Can a male pay Zakaat to his sister if he is the wakeel of his sister/mother?

4.      Must a husband and wife pay Zakaat separately?

5.      Can one make a loan to pay Zakaat?

6.      How do you pay Zakaat if you do not have the cash available at the time Zakaat falls due?

7.      If a woman owns Zakaatable assets (gold/property), but is a stay at home wife with no income of her own, how does she pay Zakaat?

8.      Do you deduct the value of your liabilities ( from the value of your assets to calculate the value of Zakaatable assets?

9.      If you only have one house that you’re living in, do you deduct the total value of the liability due (bond) from your assets to determine the value of Zakaatable assets?

10.   Do you need to pay Zakaat on Jewelry? How do you calculate the Zakaatable value on jewelry?

11.   Is Zakaat applicable on pension and provident fund while you still contributing to the fund. If so how is it calculated?

12.   How Zakaat is calculated when pension, provident fund or RA pays out monthly annuities?

13.   Can you give Zakaat to someone to pay off their debt?

The latest tafseer is now available for download:

[Download not found]






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